You’ve reached the new Home Page of MLBerg’s ITN blog. How did you start? Did you come from this site:  https://thehardwayforgiven.wordpress.com/? I don’t know what brings you here, but if search terms do it they could have been any of these:


Dan Zeorlin

Linda Zeorlin

Alice Zeorlin



In Their Names (ITN) program

Caregiver’s Manual for Men (CMfM)

“Mayhem” (5-1-17) TESTIMONY

I wish that the solution to becoming a better caregiver were already worked out.

I struggle with forgiveness. Everyone reacts differently to stress. Illness left me a scattered and helpless man. It broke apart my family. And it’s all good. We came back together stronger than ever!

Nobody should have to gain acceptance the way that we did. There’s no denial that cancer ate at Linda; later Alice got sent to the Big House and I gave up – but we all learned to support each other and changed for the better.

There are two facets in the problem with giving advice to male caregivers: collection and distribution. On this blog I tried very hard to record accurate content and to preserve context which gives correct examples of how difficult it is to become a better caregiver. Quite possibly only I can relate to much of it. I entertained the notion that everyone who made their way here could find something to glean which would make better caregivers. But that’s not right – you have to do it yourself. Don’t take my word for it – compose your own system fot improving care.

Develop a genuine concern to become a better caregiver. Find hope –  it is a daily journey. And embrace changes. If you wish to Browse the Menu and follow the links, seeking meaningful resources – then do so – that will be fine. But when you are able, create road maps and outline the ways for others to recover from this difficult state in life.

Please try to understand this: Caregiving is for everyone.



2 Responses to Home

  1. Georgia says:

    I think this is true. After doing this type of work for very long time I can tell you that it’s always left in the hand of the receiver. Either you do the work and you figure it out and move on with your life or you don’t. No one can do it for somebody else even if we all think we want to help each other to that extent. When it comes down to it you are your own guide with your own belief systems your own tenacity. It is up to you. The information is out there if people want help. But the desire to do that is entirely in the hands of the person.

  2. Georgia says:

    I will say that I have met people long the way they have inspired me to push on. It’s rare but when you meet somebody with that energy you may change your life trajectory if you’re listening. I hope to be that person to other people. And I got some confirmation yesterday from a friend of mine that that may be the case for some people I come in contact with. Even if it’s only 1% return It’s worth it to try to help other people. But they still have to do the work.

Hang In There

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