Caregiver Defined


Originally I thought caregiving was caring for someone with an infirmity of some kind. I wanted a narrow scope and so I limited my survey to men caring for someone with an infirmity–primary caregivers for people who were sick.

Then I realized that caregiving is actually just “giving care” to anyone. I opened the field and allowed all men to show examples of caregiving.

Male caregiving is not a “disease.” Many problems in society are attributed to the fact that guys have been relegated to the “uncaring” corner. 

We need to hear more from former caregivers and learn how they deal with grief, coping with loss, and maintain positive attitudes. We can disclose this information on the web.


PS: Maybe you have stories and details about men giving care. By far the most common–and saddest–response thus far is, "I don’t know any male caregivers right now."

We need anonymous definitions to prove guys can give care, or at least they have done so in the past. Your priorities shift and some things no longer become your top concern when you campaign for benevolence.


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2/7/2010 ADDENDUM: 

Toward Living in a Just Society

Was sarcasm or
desperation detected in the sports commentator’s voice at Saturday’s
game between Iowa State and Kansas State? "Early Detection Saves
Lives." What’s this? The fertilizers, pesticides, and runoff from other
agricultural byproducts cause breast cancer? It was obvious from seeing
students, faculty, coaches, and basketball players clad in pink they
all know they live in the thick of devastating fallout.

attend colleges and universities at a time when they learn hard lessons
about reproduction, metastasis, and increased vulnerability on both
intellectual and cellular levels. Too bad we can’t do anything about
raising awareness for caregiving predisposed toward living in a just society.

Wave a ribbon. Go State!

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