"Very good job. Thank you for developing a truly meaningful program format in a thought-provoking arena. It was gratifying for me to tell my story and be heard by peers.

I was blessed to have many fine individuals facilitate exchanges in our focus group. They helped me secure contact information for future reference.

The greatest reward came from listening to the Presenter express her gratitude for a caregiver ‘s help. I now believe that we can make a difference.

Positively inspiring!"


Fictitious or reality? Imagined comments give way to real ones by participants in the ITN Men’s Caregiver Support Group program.

We make progress when we share our dreams.


Pilot programs–focus groups


Imagine being the host for an intimate bunch of strangers.


Imagine going on a mission to serve a gathering of people you may or may not know.


Imagine expecting people to do right things!


It might happen without your help but that’s hard to imagine.


What can I say boys? The hands of the professionals are mired with status quo. We’ve got to stay involved.


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