Grieving–the “best” option


Life has some hard truths to it. My mother-in-law died yesterday morning. A couple of years ago my wife and her siblings relocated their parents from their home of 40 years because navigating the steps had become a concern for Velma.


In that course of time, numerous aging-adult health issues arose. Each was met with courage and hope.


Velma indicated her desire to not receive extraordinary life-support treatments or resuscitation. Acceptance, denial, false hope…it all comes to an end.


Feelings of loss are a normal result…desirable even. We validate human relationships through our investments of love.


I have received much respect, tenderness, and dignity from ordinary people.


Regrets are like passwords: everybody has them but we don’t need them told to everyone.


Try to not dwell on helplessness. We’re powerless to change some things. Be a good person.


If you give out or give up, don’t worry about it. Just don’t lose faith in the goodness of people.


And when you’re not convinced you’re not going to win, hang in there. You may still beat it, even though you don’t know when, or how, or where.


It’s okay for men to cry.

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