Plea for Collaboration

By now we’ve either met face-to-face or exchanged information multiple times. I know I have been a pest in the past. But I am persistent. The opportunity to become a caregiver can change a man.

I am an engineer. Cold steel, hard concrete and warm, flowing soil have been my building materials for 27 years. Every good structure has two things in common: a reliable foundation and a network of support.

For me, the transition to the “softer side” has not been easy. I have been most like the people who said, “When I heard she had cancer I didn’t have much hope for her” and “he is dying of cancer.” These are good people, albeit not positive influences I’d want in my circle.

But it’s not all about cancer. There are myriad other issues that contend for control of healthy living. The problem is in reaching right relationships. In my opinion, the greatest disappointment facing a caregiving man is the anticipation of failure.

My vision is for all of Kansas City to become symbiotic. How could a SMMC, St. Luke’s, HCA, NKCH, KUMC, GSN, Komen, FOA, and others in KC pull together to demonstrate collaboration? How are “kickoffs to a new normal” (by doctors and hospitals) fielded and returned by the players on the sidelines for the balance of the game? Help spread connectivity and redefine our focus in a unified format so both women and men understand it.

Some men are thick-headed like me. I won’t quit on them because in most cases they are the only ones who can reach loved ones needing to receive care.

Thank you for your consideration, forgiveness, or willingness to see beyond my limitations and please work again on a common problem–help men become better caregivers. You can choose to use and evaluate new tools for caregivers (RE: ITN Program).

Please contact me so we can customize support for your group.



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