Man-to-Man Synopsis – ITN

The salient features of the ITN Men’s Caregiver Support Group program are:
  • Forward-thinking! Moves the caregiver beyond false-hope, grief, and denial.
  • Adaptable. Caregivers from all walks of life receive and share experience on an equivalent basis.
  • Enabled—not micromanaged. The program coordinator is able to draw on resources from the entire caregiving network.
  • Develops coping skills. The “core group”—Facilitators—shape participants into vessels of acceptance.
  • Responsible. Probably the best gift we can bestow on future generations! Better than combined Social Security, Oil Reserves, and Good Health benefits. Fosters ownership of problems and solutions alike!
  • Builds community expectation. The caregiver comes to appreciate flexible and realistic plans made today will meet tomorrow’s challenges.
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