Search Engines

Caregiver Searches

What topics do caregivers try to find meaning for? How often do each of us use the same keywords to describe caregiving?
Cancer caregiver(s) blog(s) (43%)
Beating up caregivers (2%)
A brief dialogue about the role of the caregiver (2%)
Caregiving/caregiver defined (20%)
How you endure (2%)
Cumulative grief (2%)
Caregiver support/caregiver support groups (6%)
Men as caregivers (12%)
Hopeless caregivers (2%)
What it is to become a caregiver and make a difference (2%)
other… (7%)
Hang in there. We are not alone. You will find answers.
I wish we had easier solutions for your information search.

Let’s presume you buy into the whole “keyword” thing. Decide you’d like to read something written about a (keyword). How does a search engine prioritize sites for viewing based on keywords alone?

Did you ever wonder about companies? Are they strictly in business to help you navigate through an issue for which they feel knowledgeable or do they succumb to real world pressures before deciding “everybody loses if we don’t remain profitable.”

Thus businesses have the incentive to include lucrative keywords on their web page publications. A search engine’s “spiders” crawl all over the internet to view topics and report back with “site maps.” Marketing experts want substance which will entice “surfers” to stop and pay a visit.

The search engine also calculates mathematical statistics as it analyzes “number of hits and dwell times” before deciding which sites are most critical.

Be passionate in your (keyword). Diversify and add new content. Become a subject matter expert.


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