you can lead a horse to water but you can’t rip his lips off

A young student driver (still learning to drive after eight years behind the wheel) believed it made most sense to wait until the car tire was nearly completely flat before adding air to it. Many Caregiving guys are just like that rookie.

The difference caregiving makes for me now is I don’t have the false impression that I can fix everything, that I’m perfect or that I should be better than anyone else. Wake up people. IT’S COMING AND THE LONGER WE WAIT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT THE LESS EFFECTIVE OUR EFFORTS WILL BE.

That felt good. Sorry for screaming.

People get downright surly before admitting they themselves need to change. Go to an Oncology clinic and look into the eyes of the people receiving treatments. Figure out how a difference can be made. Try and reach as many people as possible. Cancer is just one disease. A lot of people “out there” need to receive better care.

Make sure you don’t shortchange your family or your community or yourself as you dabble with becoming a caregiver for the rest of the world!


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