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Dialogue: I have a handout about the "In Their Names" men’s caregiver support group that I picked up at a recent Grief Support Network meeting.  I went to the ****MLBerg***** site, but couldn’t figure out where to find a support group that is forming or currently going.  I know of at least one man in our congregation who could probably use a Man-to-Man group, and there may be more.  How do I get these men connected to one of your support groups?  Thanks
Communication: First of all, thank you for making time to seek clarification. And thank you for the prudence to share your insights within our electronic community. The biggest challenge facing everyone right now is finding courage and trust to start in a new direction. The Man-to-Man handout is a wish list. When enough people want the same things (exposing their visions and desires) we can find a way to set goals and reach our objectives.

Here’s a global directive: 1. Establish a central source of contact. 2. Develop better caregiver resources. 3. Build coping skills (collaborate).

Now here’s the local plan: no one has all the answers and nobody can do it all…certainly not in the present. Life is too messy. Besides, where’s the fun in that? We need adventure. Ha, just kidding! Start by undertaking a trip without packing any luggage. It is possible to grow through difficult times. We are not alone. We must change. The best method for that is (not stipulated).

Dialogue and communication moves us to where we need to be. If you’re wondering “how in the world are you ever going to accomplish this?” let me tell you my friend, that is where faith comes in. We are doing it already.

Please recognize templates collate helpful information to guide you in the task ahead. We will do our best to enable you. Help support others by creating a nonjudgmental environment where "peer blocs" can interact socially.

If you want a “black and white” answer, there is nothing out there to do the whole job. If you can accept a shade of gray, we know a wonderful person who is looking for support…

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