ITN: upbeat not beat up

The ravings of a caregiver over the edge won’t do much to assuage the general verge of despair that most of society finds itself in.


A desperate person may react “it’s too hard” or “I just want to feel good, safe, and not be responsible.”


Some caregivers put their eggs in one basket, risking them all…and for what? Their sense of order was traumatized. Recovery may not be an option.


How then to support the caregiving man? Embrace him with team work. Empower him by gleaning the good stuff he is still able to harness: organizing, marketing, polishing, networking, researching, and planning.


A broken spirit doesn’t try to look bad. Lost confidence, failed competency, insecure, inept, a misplaced will to compete, their world stops turning the same way. Treats are no longer worthy of the tricks.


We wish to survive this catastrophe. We want to help.

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