The Bold and The Restless…and the human touch

At times we caregivers can be our own worst enemies, especially when it comes to communication.
Say what you really feel and you might offend the heck out of someone.
Wait until you understand your feelings and you may never open up to express yourself.
This problem exists when we’re not all speaking the same language. We can use many of the same words but these have different meanings.
Communicating with Health Care Professionals is one of those times. Their need to categorize contacts is so overwhelming that vocabulary is limited to utterances preassigned by people "in the biz."
What’s it going to take to solve this problem? Patience and Perseverance? Good Will? Trust? Yes…these traits and more.
A typical reaction is not "yes sir/ma’am, may I have another" but is more like "THEN SAY NOTHING." We shout and slam doors and cut off all avenues where an offending person might regroup.
Spite doesn’t look good on any of us.

Philanthropists Beware


Who needs you? Who wants you?
The public says "YES" to philanthropists when their perception is somebody else is taking care of giving, volunteering, and donating.
The public says "NO" to philanthropists when their reply sounds like this:
Dan, although I support you in creating the manual and in your future endeavors, you assumed more from my last email than I meant to convey.  As I have all I can manage to just take care of myself and I’m not in a caregiving situation, I don’t want to make this a focus in my life.  I’d appreciate if you’d remove us from your Support Group mailing list.  Good luck to you.

Caregivers need all the support they can get. A philanthropist can’t do it all.


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