Word Definition

How would you define “ill-equipped” with Caregiver terminology?
Complete this sentence:
“I would describe the ability of existing centers, foundations, and agencies to understand a male caregiver, repairing his damaged ego, rebuilding his failed esteem and restoring his lost hope, as…”
I just received this email (the xxx’s are mine):
“Hi Dan, 

You are a busy person. I did  hear from a (xxx) support group. I think you were the speaker. They thought you were very good and had a lot of  good information. They did feel that being a caregiver to a (xxx) person was somewhat different. The (xxx) person does not get better, and as they age they have other health issues that  impact their (xxx).
The caregivers are also getting older with health problems of their own.”
Many things can influence a person becoming a better caregiver. But one, the type (“xxx”) of disease is irrelevant. No two caregiving situations are exactly alike. Another thing that does not matter is the location of a support group. Suffice it to say we are all in remote locations (EG: I’m in Kansas and the sender was not).
This exemplifies the reason for creating a unified approach (****What if…ITN?*****) Possibly your situation exists without adequate resources to support the tasks at hand. It will be the care receiver who ultimately goes without (care).
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