Coping Skill Builders

  • Get out to break the routine and apply a different perspective
  • Seek and find encouraging information
  • Reconnect with old systems of support and new offers for help
  • If you had the power to alter one thing for the better (even though it could never be perfect), think about change and then try to encourage positive growth.
  • Everything is a gift. Learn to trust and treat it as such. Be happy no matter what.
  • Fix the attributes of your broken attitude at each and every opportunity
  • Sometimes making the best of a bad situation is enough
  • Imagine things are not as dire as you believe them to be
  • Recognize your special needs but try to not become high maintenance with them
  • Learn to appreciate what you’ve received . Work to earn appreciation.
  • Don’t waste energy trying to figure out what motivates people with visions different from your own

****Coping Skills – recovery*****
****Coping Skills – behaviors*****

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