Plea for improved communication – reflective listening

Here’s a fairly accurate statement from “The Man Rules”:

If something we said can be interpreted two ways and one of the ways makes you sad or angry, we meant the other one

By reading the quote below about the need to listen more closely (taken from ****Plea for Collaboration*****), what reaction should be elicited?

“My vision is for all of Kansas City to become symbiotic. How could a SMMC, St. Luke’s, HCA, NKCH, KUMC, GSN, Komen, FOA, and others in KC pull together to demonstrate collaboration? How are “kickoffs to a new normal” (by doctors and hospitals) fielded and returned by the players on the sidelines for the balance of the game? Help spread connectivity and redefine our focus in a unified format so both women and men understand it.”

Why would someone interpret it as if those institutions haven’t done anything to collaborate?  Perhaps to acknowledge ways the institutions or doctors have worked together would have been more productive than to ask if there are ways for greater collaboration. A specific recommendation might also have been helpful.

We should try reflective listening when forming our critique.  What did you hear her/him say?  Can you sense or name a feeling that person expressed?  If you were going to clarify what you meant, what would you say?


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