Today’s ITN Push – communication beyond insults

A problem with email is emotions can’t be read very well. Specifically, the ITN program is put together because it will help men become better caregivers through control of the dynamic that influences their development of additional coping skills.

The ITN Overview file (Man-to-Man) gives contact information. The CHfM and other online resources are included as custom tools. You can help by sharing  program successes. Please download the ****ITN Instructions – Program files***** (1, 2, 3, & 4) and kick-off a start-up group. Let us know if you prefer to receive these files as attachments. Also please recognize the objective of doing this thing ”In Their Names” is that we learn to share. Teach by example.

I once worked with a guy who had an expression for everything. The one used most was “cocked in the pissed-off position” (please pardon the phrase). This describes someone who is dissatisfied with everything, no matter what.

I also worked with a guy who asked routinely “Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?”

No insults intended. Some people don’t (or do) see things in black or white, hot or cold, up or down, and supportive or contrary. And I beg to differ: we are making progress!

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