ITN start-up plan B: Improve communication

Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone who ever slammed a door, snubbed a pleader, or cut off communications decided to rescind their words!

Words like, "I would also appreciate it if you would discontinue e-mails to me. I will not be responding." would evaporate.

Yes, words like, "I am going to stop answering your emails for a while as I don’t see where they are going for the most part or how I might be helpful in particular." could become "Typically, your intentions are very difficult for me to discern, even when I ask for clarification" and resemble "The email you sent was sprinkled with insults. Maybe you don’t know you’re doing it –"

I may be an idiot but I’m not stupid. How about presuming good will in every case of poor communication? Make communication improvements "In Their Names."
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