What happens to men as caregivers?

We verbalize from the inside out.
Some claim I only speak for myself, that my observations are not valid for others. My advocacy doesn’t threaten anyone. It is true, I do not accurately represent the mindsets of persons in the healthcare industry. But why categorize all caregiving men like fish in a barrel?
Most likely we men can learn from the experience of workers hailing from different camps. The challenge is to establish a reliable level of communication before we shut down.
Try to think like a fish. When in the water we need a supportive environment to allow peaceful coexistence. An outsider must roll up their sleeves and get wet if they are going to have an impact. When out of the mainstream, panic, chaos, and urgency rules the world.
Those claimants who seek shovels so they can bury the male caregiver’s cause have misconstrued our expectations. Yes, the healthcare professionals are not solely observers in the caregiver-care receiver relationship but neither should they assume permission to denigrate our capacities, violating the implicit trust between human beings.
In effect, the caregiving man can be lulled into apathy, lured from troubled water into mayhem by canards.

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