Come, and Enjoy!

In honor of all good things
I cry out to you:
Come, and enjoy!

The magnificence of life
expands and spreads before us
as a river swells to rejuvenate the plains.
Taste and see.
Come, and enjoy!
Burdens are lifted and
our cares become light.
Praise the Almighty with laughter and dance.
Come, and enjoy!
Release our worries
and trust in wisdom of the ages.

Oh God, be with us as we place our hope in you.

Come, and enjoy!

Chess anyone?

Brilliant strategist.

Only two types of moves exist for one who plays the game:
those which result in the loss of a mate and those that don’t.
In the end only kindness matters.

The joy of participating is in learning which kind moves you.

Hope: the experience is good!

Be happy (a.k.a. hopeful).

Rather than viewing things as "tolerable" or "okay but they could be worse," choose to see life as a journey.
Do we know where we are headed? Forget about global warming and economic recessions. Look beyond today or this month or next year. What can we do now to have the greatest positive influence on the future?
Don’t live in "La-La" land. Don’t pretend those events totally outside your control coupled with those opportunities absolutely within your reach have incapacitated your judgment. Hindsight and regret do not render you incapable of change. Why imagine what could be worse?
Mistakes are proof of what? Failure is okay when it shows "at least we tried." Trying your best is all anyone can do.
There’s not much time for some things; other things seem to take forever. Make each experience count. Add hope to every encounter and spread happiness around.
Repeat this mantra: "I’ll try to do what I can when I can and when I can no longer do anything, I’ll try to appreciate the fact that I did what I could do when I could do it. I won’t dwell on the mistakes–sure, I made a few–but I will concentrate on being a positive influence."

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