ITN Deliverables: empowering the Program Coordinator

1. The Program Coordinator must adopt the attitude "We’ve all got to change for the better."
2. The PC must endorse ITN Principles.
3. The participating organization must contribute to building the network of support by exhibiting good will.
What should these statements mean to the PC?
  • Help develop introspective worksheets (to be used during the Advocate’s Workshop portion of ITN group meetings)
  • Refine the ability to "wrap up the ITN group meeting" in 1-1/2 hours
  • Field questions (as required) pertaining to the presentation (Note: at the PC’s discretion the Presenter has the option to leave or stay)
  • Identify future programming needs
  • Distribute appropriate and additional materials (example: CHfM, others)

The Program Coordinator must help create introspective resources and share them so they can become available to other ITN Program groups.

Follow the "Script" to achieve Support. ****ITN Instructions – Program Files**** If the ITN interaction guidelines only work when simultaneous introspective tools are developed, will Healthcare Professionals be overjoyed at obtaining more effective resources?

Sometimes finding meaning is not about learning to ask the right questions. Rather it is about learning to accept questioning as meaningful. To me this means instead of wondering “why did (it) happen?” I am better off to ask “what did I learn by (it)?” I can’t undo the past but I might change the future. And yes, I can at least TRY!
Let’s try passing the power.
Persons interested in community education programs for caregivers may attempt collaboration by providing feedback on the ITN Principles.
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