hair if you need it, do fine, and be happy no matter what

I’m not totally bald but after a close haircut I stay out of pool halls because people tend to poke me with sticks.
We’ll do fine. Think about all the things we can’t change: hair loss for one. Natural disasters, aging, proximity to death.
Sure there are claims and methods that reverse, slow, and avoid many trends but the unavoidable is simply going to happen.
We’ll do fine. Try to be happy no matter what. Choose to be very happy. I didn’t choose hair loss but if I needed hair I know I’d have it. I choose to not want the impossible, to desire irreversible things.
Choose to be happy and do fine. I may be biased but I think my wife Linda is beautiful. She was a beautiful child. She’ll be beautiful when she becomes an old (or should I say "older") woman. She’d still be beautiful to me if we had never met. But we did meet (married in 1982). She is beautiful and I choose to let her know I am positive of that.
I have a roll of fat on the back of my head. Every time I get a haircut it protrudes , like a pimple on a cue ball. My brother told me I should shave my head. He said the lump would only add character.
Sometimes we wonder why things happen to us. Try thinking of it this way. What would happen if those things never happened to us and only happened to other people? After a while we would become ostracized, alienated, unincorporated, unable to relate. We would lose our place in the big picture.
Now think about volunteering to take a hit for a friend, a loss for someone you love, a poke for a family member.
Would you shave your head to help a stranger?

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