ITN – Illumination

Plenty of energy was wasted while denying the low beam headlamp on my car’s passenger side had burned out. It wasn’t a problem during the day or when the brights were on. I had trouble accepting the fact change happened, requiring me to make an adjustment.


I bought a new bulb for $10 and popped the latch to unhook the hood so I could take a look. My modest investment prompted greater ownership. Possibly minor equipment adjustments would facilitate relief.


Familiarity with simple tools and a personal commitment to improvement made this a do-able task. The best part was I put "ITN" myself!


Now I’m no mechanical expert but I didn’t need outside advice. In under an hour I disconnected the air filter housing and breather hose clamp, removed the support bracket, and discovered there was no way an electrical fixture would fit through that access hole. I returned everything the way I found it. Then I discovered the headlight assembly was held in place by two simple and very accessible screws.


There’s probably an adage about how many tries it takes a man to change a light bulb. We all have preconceived notions of how to fix things. 


Not all was lost. Maybe I could mentor other guys to accomplish similar achievements without the learning curve.

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