Resources for caregiver

We all wish for choices. Links to more custom resources will be added as they become known.
  1. Caregiver’s Manual for Men

Since we don’t own the patent on caregiving and we’re not web page designers, how can we help people the best? By empowering those people who DO know what is best! Request a free preliminary electronic copy of the Caregiver’s Manual for Men. The spirituality of a man “giving care” is not easily communicated. If you like it, you can buy a hard copy when they become available. What a great gift idea!

Until then please make suggestions for wording the manual and blog so these become most inviting. We don’t want you to visit caregiving; we don’t want caregivers to quit. Stay positive!


Free download. The handbook provides a framework for you to tell your own story!

  1. Caregiver’s Guides

(scholarly pieces, collaborative-authorships, and stories for women)

  1. Caregiver’s CD’s for Men

Music to help you brace for listening to inner reflections:

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