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You can find “Entries” classified by date (month) or category. Entries from June 2007 and earlier were eliminated (we evolve). We grouped a few Remnant blog entries from pre-August 2008 (“I’ll be the caregiver tonight”). The rest of the posts are lumped as “other stressors” ****(other [***])*****. There’s not much point in creating simplified groupings to include everything. You can show entries by date and that’s all the time we had for that. The limits are 20 entries per page. You can use the “back arrow” to return to a previous starting point (one page at a time). Similarly “< Previous” or “Next>” will move you quickly through the pages.

You can click the “Three Goals of MLBerg’s Caregiver blog” tab (scroll up to find tabs at top) at any time and return to the home page. To see more topics, select choices from the side bar (drop down box or headings) or pick “Summary” (viewing option) to scan for a quicker read. These “Simple Navigation” options are intended to not inundate/flood/overwhelm/snow under/swamp/deluge/engulf/submerge you with choices.

There’s nothing we can do about the size of your screen, the speed of your connection, or the technical skill of the user. If you want something badly enough, maybe we can help keep you company.

Here’s another deal for you: If you have a better way to simplify navigation and help someone else accept (subject/category/whatever), send menu to  ****<eMail MLBerg>*****

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