The content on this site makes no sense to some but it does to me. Organization skills are foreign and my "finding skills suck" (so I was told). That’s okay too. I show emotions more freely now that I accepted being a caregiver. 

You’ve got questions? If only the answers were simple! Maybe sharing your discoveries will help the "lost." Try your response to these:

  • The "target audience" of this site is…
  • What can be found (by men) on this site is…
  • The types of caregivers referred to by this site include…
  • "Caregiver" is a broad term. As is "Provider." "Lost" is specific.
  • Photographs are great introspection-starters. Life happens and then…
  • Someone looking for support is never going to reach it unless they find help.
  • "ITN" stands for "In Their Names." Do something in the name of someone you love.

Check the site over the course of a few visits. Then if you can’t figure out how to get in touch with whatever it is that kept you coming back, try to get a focused answer by asking a direct question. Comments and feedback are welcome. Chances are, doing this "one more thing" isn’t going to hurt.

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