Hello again, 

What good is education that teaches us to exclude life? MLBerg’s Caregiver blog gives your wildest imagination a chance to be tamed. I was not prepared for the changes required of me. I am positive other guys are equally ill-equipped. We don’t know what we are doing, what we are supposed to do, or what we are going to do about it. How’s that for clueless? 

In essence the blog entries reveal first thoughts and feelings about caregiving. Secondly the ideas are sorted and arranged according to simple navigational mapping (categorization). Lastly the entries are “thrown out there” for people to use. You may not understand them. You may not like it. Those who are too occupied with “other business” won’t have much time for such nonsense. Feedback is requested from anyone willing to seek clarification (it is far easier to be critical than to be creative). 

This isn’t some banal experiment gone awry. Imagine a guy who suddenly discovers his entire reason for living is diagnosed with serious, chronic illness—or worse. How will he cope? Will he go off the deep end because (in his own mind) he loses everything? How are you to be supportive? I took the “Introduction to Speaking Mandarin” course (twice) and I was totally lost. At least someone proposed Pinyin as a communication tool. There are no shortcut methods for men to learn “caregiving.”

 Do we relate to the question “How is it different to be a caregiving man from being a woman caregiver?” Let me put it this way “Life will never be the same.” 

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