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It’s by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done

To be so in love with you and so alone

–Lyrics from Follow Me by John Denver


I became a better caregiver so I might improve my delivery of care. It was not easy. I had to relearn ways of expressing myself. What made it harder was  having no one to confide in.

Does a philanthropist need to change public attitudes? ****EEEase into caregiving*****

Caregivers have voices of experience. Those new to caregiving take heart: you can feel unsupported and alone in this strange role. You may have to change. If you plug into existing support mechanisms, great. If not perhaps you will need to modify your definition of support and seek others who relate to your unique condition. It can be done and it will be rewarding. Break the ice (****ITN–Icebreakers*****) and good luck.

  • How should organizations view MLBerg’s Caregiver blog and the ITN program?

———— >>>>     V V V  ….. START AN ITN GROUP …..  V V V    <<<< ————

The most recent ****ITN Instructions – Program files*****(1 Agenda, 2 Presenter Notes, 3 Facilitator Notes, 4 Program Coordinator Notes) are down-loadable here. They are free. In general men don’t know how to seek or accept help. We redefine the ITN Men’s Caregiver Support Group Program based on feedback, making custom resources available online to exploit successes. Work together and achieve a shared language of hope.

Tap into Caregiver resources (pdf files found on link above) and promote ITN startups. Coordinate formation of Men’s Caregiver Support Groups. It’s not an A-B-C solution but then neither is the problem. Coaching a Do-it-yourself program is not optimum but it might be enough to get you through a “better than nothing” scenario.

Revised ITN Start-up files (simplified guides useful for coordinating introductory meetings between caregivers) will be posted. The idea is to increase understanding of what works and share concepts so that others receive support and become part of the larger effort.

A. PLANNING is not an option for the desperate. It takes PLANNING to accomplish all things ITN. B. Support Groups are for people whose confidence is misplaced. Support Groups are for people with failed hope. Support Groups are for people of broken faith. C. Each of us has perception challenges to overcome: Are Support Groups for Losers? Does a partial explanation justify observers to not presume the heart is in the right place?  Let’s try it again.

A. Plan to change. B. Support people willing to try caregiving. C. We make choices.

When should an ITN meeting take place? If you are going to host open forums, where will they be held? How do newcomers join the group? Where do you find resources when you’re a caregiver? All good questions.

There are lots of questions about caregiving. Do we actively collaborate on the answers?

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