Welcome to MLBerg’s Caregiver blog. If you are a caregiver, THANK YOU! If you’ve recently become a caregiver, try to embrace the times ahead for what they are, what they can be: challenging, rewarding, fleeting.

If you created an online resource
for caregivers so they wouldn’t become frustrated by the instantaneous peak
demands of caregiving, losing focus on life’s priorities, HOW would you design it?
Becoming a caregiver is probably not the top choice for most people. AND if
you had collaborators, HOW should WE present this blip?

In order for collaboration to occur, feedback is required. Regardless of your caregiver status you should know we are not alone. There are TONS of available resources out there–you just have to find them. And thus begins your journey…

  • ****Ambitious? Who cares to know?***** Nobody can publish the ultimate blog space but if they tried, they’d make the site easy to navigate and beautiful to look at. Once you got inside and absorbed the content you would be hungry for more. This site shares caregiver ideals. We observe life through different lenses. None of us is perfect but that’s okay. We’re called to be strength for the journey.

Who has enough time? Caregiving requires constant updating. Checklists should always be under construction.

Locating a face-to-face caregiver support group for yourself or someone else, joining an existing group, and forming a new group is difficult. Sharing good will makes a difference! Questions frame the image "giving care" portrays, re-prioritizing the answers life offers. The "ITN Corner" of the (Three Goals of MLBerg’s…) home page  emphasizes willingness to stay connected despite structures which derail many "pressed-for-time" caregivers.

Caregiving has sincere merits. Thank you for helping expose them. This site is yours.


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