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My goal is to give better care so the world becomes a wholesome place.

Ordeals shape our evolving perspectives. We all feel like we’re not doing enough. We need to divest ourselves from ordinary, typical, uncaring attitudes and find ways to encourage and support men when they take up caregiver roles.

I’m on a mission to let others know caregiving feels fine.
"It’s OK to take time for yourself. You’re healing as well. You have to take care of yourself to be an effective caregiver."
Help the ones who help others. Men, what’s the line on caregiving? We’re changing. With enough feedback we can get it right some day. Nothing gets done if we aren’t willing to be less than perfect.

The concept for developing a program "In Their Names" combines doing something for strangers with doing something for the ones you love. Giving care means sharing appreciation for life.

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