Motivational Training Opportunity

I just returned from a funeral for the father of the lady who teaches our T-Th Dancing Sneakers
class. He was born about 6 months before my Dad. I never met him. I barely
know the instructor. A classmate from our morning Zumba Light class asked if
I planned to attend. The service was in a church I’ve never seen before with a
religious persuasion different from my own.

I guess the point is I
wouldn’t have been present if my buddy Tim hadn’t encouraged me. We are all
called to be caregivers.

Your point about
“Northland” is well-understood. Perhaps “rules of engagement” might be an
umbrella phrase that could explain how Tim and I were able to support each
other, vicariously, at Cindy’s father’s funeral. He is probably 10-15 years
older than me. My Dad is still alive. He reminisced and told me about some of
his own father’s habits. I experienced a feeling of loss and attended to some of
my own needs for closure.

I think awareness of a
shared “wanting to heal” is crucial to people (men) who have experienced

I am still polishing
the blog entries on ********* but it
might be worthwhile for you or the guys to review content. I lumped “ITN Men’s Caregiver Support Group” Program information together there. You have a copy of the Caregiver’s Manual for Men. Like you, my
heart aches when I think about the problems most people face. Our
thoughts and prayers are focused to find more viable methods of helping caregivers in
transition. What can we do to adapt the ITN information so it reads like a script for the invitation just issued by

Your comments and
feedback will help a lot! If it were so simple as providing regional means to “get
face-to-face” time, budget cuts or leadership changes or
membership attrition would probably undo everything we achieved. No, a broader perspective is necessary to approach this problem as though it will always
be with us. What can we do to streamline the

****Motivational Interviewing Training Opportunity*****

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