More ways to search this site

  1. Type "MLBerg" and "keyword" (word, thought, or article which might appeal to you) in a Search Engine. (Example: box upper right. Note: be sure "Search the web" option is chosen.)
  2. Select link to new page from within search results.
  3. Enter "Ctrl-F" or activate "Find Command" on new page (pop-up menu or lower left hand corner of screen).
  4. Retype "keyword" in "Find" box to locate specific use of word by entries.

If you "begin to find yourself searching, searching for shelter again and again" (paraphrased quote), perhaps you can leave instructions when you locate peace.

  • Select the blog tab and choose "Summaries"
  • type keyword in search window (Ctrl-F, find)
  • Search "next"
  • Advance the pages using "Next" arrow

For fun, enter "MLBerg" and "fear" in the search engine. Thirteen (or so) site links appear. Try it again but this time only enter "fear." 86.6 million sites, give or take a few, are found. Now try this: list five keywords that epitomize your encounter with caregiving. Search the site and compare your feelings with those expressed on MLBerg’s Caregiver blog. Add comments, clarifications, or feedback so others on the same journey will find visible proof of the burden. Once a demand is named it shall become something which can be dealt with.

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