Questions to ask

  • How can I help? It takes patience to tolerate neediness in each other. Caregiving is a work in progress.
  • What did I expect? If I came to transform the world and accomplish a rescue, all may now be different. Today is another day. The willingness to endure loss might be decreased after a disappointment. Improvements to a strategy for metamorphosis already under construction is debatable.
  • Will you please forgive me? A good deed, a kind word, a gesture of approval…satisfaction withheld, appreciation yet to come…possibilities die when the opportunities are over.

overall assumption was that if I was just thrust into the role of
caregiver… and if I didn’t find concrete answers to my questions in
20 seconds or less I’d be gone and off to another site."

  • You’re about
    to find out what it’s like to be on the other side. When
    your anticipation for giving care is disproved, you must try to change. The source of your power to adapt and control unfamiliar stressors might no longer be available. Are you present?

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