The bad news: we are in trouble and I can’t explain it. I can’t find anyone to object or disagree that there is a problem but this gets us nowhere.

I can’t prove this site (MLBerg’s Caregiver blog) or the ITN Program (****ITN Instructions – Program files*****) or the Caregiver’s Manual for Men (see ****Resources for caregiver*****) are each unique parts of the solution. I can’t defend my methods, models or approaches as superior works because they’re not. These are templates. Place holders affirm the need for future consideration.

We are wrong to focus on finding multiple cures in disease-specific arenas. We must attend to providing better care and should care less about supporting drive-thru fixes. We need to see what can be done about reducing the stressful environments in which anomalies for the human condition breed.

My only consolation is to think this "Caregiver’s cause" stirs the pot for Better Caregiving.

If you’re in a bind without time to read anything, send me an eMail and I’ll forward a pdf copy of the CMfM so you can peruse it.

The good news is it’s up to you now!

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