Dreams & pen pals

Last night I had some strange dreams. I heard only voices; I saw no images.

The first woke me:




I fell back to a light sleep. The second was more direct:




A buddy told me he doesn’t dream about having sex anymore. Last weekend he dreamed about a new riding lawnmower.

I’ve communicated with various pen pals over the years. One very rewarding exchange was with a person in prison on death row. Eventually my letters were returned to me unopened. I inquired what was happening and hallelujah, he had been exonerated!

I recently began exchanging messages with a Chinese student. The journey through "Chinglish" is rewarding. I could never start to approach an understanding of China’s majesty by the English language alone. I am grateful to have received insights shared by our many diverse and sundry friends.

Why am I telling you this?

So you might recognize we are not alone.

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