ITN spells Collaboration for the community

developed  in 2003 when Linda was
diagnosed with breast cancer.
Life without her would be unimaginable. I was determined to make the most
of our every remaining moment. My journal filled with "insanity" while she focused on recovery. Later these entries provided clarity for initiating a Caregiver’s Manual for Men (CMfM). One thing led to another and i
nvolvement as for male caregiver advocate began.

The ITN program acknowledges men need “face time” for processing developments in the care receiver’s
(and his own) experience. The Caregiver’s Manual makes space for reflecting on the
introspective (spiritual) nature of the journey. MLBerg’s Caregiver blog provides visibility yet preserves anonymity. It’s a starting place; not perfect but close enough that it helps.

Feedback is always appreciated. Now let’s pose two questions:

1) Caregiving calls some to behave more softly. Caregiving calls others to become stronger. Men and women are on different wavelengths. Do you believe we are wired differently? Many organizations are resigned to men not taking on caregiver responsibilities. Some view caregiving women as needing support and caregiving men as needing their heads examined. So be it. Men: examine your head. Solicit an opinion from another caregiving man about this blog. Are his impressions the same as yours?

2) If you answered "no and yes" to these questions, we are through here. If your answers are yes and no then please collaborate on a solution. Thank you for your consideration.Do
you believe healthcare professionals will be able to recruit adequate
trained nursing staffs to meet rising caregiving demands?

Let’s not argue, speculating what’s right,
what’s not, what’s best, what’s worst, and more. By the end of the day we’ll have
gotten nowhere. Grab the bull by the horns. The guides in this blog are prototypes, a forum for sharing ideas. Start the ball rolling. In other words, this platform makes an attempt to respect people’s right for dignity. Please don’t misunderstand–We’re not against hopping on bandwagons. Those well-versed in recognizing the
generally dismal system of communicating with caregiving men should embrace this “Caregiver’s cause” as your own. Jump-start the process of "changing to
improve" while others are still involved with deciding which donors they can attract.

This site began as a hobby, a pastime, and an outlet, but it was overtaken
by a passion to encourage sharing of caregiver insights, especially between men (because we’re such aliens). It recognizes the plight of potential caregivers, creating the first circle of support for people with new awareness of a serious social ill. It doesn’t take an electrician to figure out when something smells like fried wiring.
MLBerg’s Caregiver blog produces content that both novices and professionals can use. If you have a better way to express caregiving, let us know so we can change. This is not a commercial site. Add custom tools to the
“TOOLBOX” so everyone gets to use them.

To recap, ITN files are accessed through links
in the ITN Corner or from "ITN" Category keywords. Everything is negotiable. We’re human. We all make mistakes. Be patient. Be persistent.

Hobbyists are not professional idiots. You’ll notice there is no opportunity to make direct comments on the pages. Here is a message from another encouraging person:

Unfortunately with anything open to the public (blogs, message boards, even Facebook), there will always be some nasty folks who seem to come out of nowhere. While the reason for their unprovoked meanness is often unknown, they can do a lot of harm with their postings. I wish I could offer you a solution for this, but have learned it’s just part of doing business in a public arena.

I wish I could be of more help to you. I do admire your tenacity.

satisfied when you’ve done your best. Tap into existing resources, tweak a few so
they become customized to our situations, craft others to fill in the gaps, and blend them together into a network of support. If you want to comment on the CMfM or
MLBerg’s Caregiver blog, do so. 

Don’t worry about your location in the world.
We are a global community. Don’t be afraid to address conditions, diseases, or circumstances of everyone out of reach. Do try to follow ITN Meeting Agendas as closely as possible. Critique them afterwards. Suggest ways to improve the format. Recognize purposes
of flexibility and rigidity may trump personal preferences or

Finally, share your great voice of experience on MLBerg’s Caregiver blog. Help create caregivers who are unwilling to hoard lessons learned on roads to recovery. Tell the world what works for
you, what you want to change, and what needs to be resolved. Someday everyone’s priorities will shift if we pull together.

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