On Thursday the permit for me to perform professional
engineering in Kansas
elapsed. I earned my first PE license from Missouri in 1997, 16 years after college
graduation, by sitting for the exam four times before passing the test. It too
will expire by choice, this one in December. I opted to discontinue and not
"re-up." Why terminate the practice? After all, it was not easy to
achieve these milestones. You may examine the logic of my reasoning:

Freely letting go of entitlement, privilege, and obligation is
symbolic of change and acceptance, all keys to becoming a better caregiver.

Undeniably, I found caregiving responsibilities totally overwhelming. In no way
did execution of professional duties prepare me for this responsibility. I was
clueless. How could it (the heightened need to deliver care) happen to us? My
career choice did not insulate me from messiness.

Last week I overheard the sentiment: "I would rather die in one day of
adventure than be happy in a dull, ordinary life." What does all that mean?
Was it coincidence or enlightenment? I’ll explain.

"Appreciation for life" can become lost, postponed as a consequence of
being profitable. By taking this opportunity to advocate for people to focus on
caring, I am affirming my values, pursuing dreams and appealing to a higher
court. Gratitude for sharing is liberated like most structures, one member at a

It didn’t get done for me while I was busy with other matters. My attention wasn’t
caught until it was almost too late. "Heads up" for people needing to
renew their commitments.


What will I do now? I don’t know but I am hopeful and that
makes all the difference!

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