Open up

Poem In Your Pocket Day is April 30th. Be early for next year.

Open up

Dan Zeorlin

Open up your heart and let my love shine through.
Open up your mind and know my love is true.
Open up your soul and feel my love for you.
My love is open to you.

Will the circle be unbroken
when the chains that bind are tied?
Is the power to oppress
related to the rule of pride?
Does the government of people
leave its subjects free inside?
My love is open to you.

It is difficult just to accept
the lies we must protect.
It is wonderful what God intends we do.

Open up and risk—the signs are lucky for today.
Open up—the brightness penetrates the gloom away.
Open up to love, ambitious for a brighter day.
My love is open to you.

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