What’s the plan?

My circular saw is not in the best of shapes. In fact my power drill, bench grinder, electric screwdriver, weed eater, and mower have all seen their better days. A difference between these tools is that some can be "jump started" (with a cautious twist) whereas others are just flat dead when they run out of juice.

I’ve spent a lot of concern (too much?) offering "jump starts" in caregiving for other people, especially guys. Given their propensity to proceed despite obstacles, many are initiated to a new way of launching their crafts, even though it may not specifically meet the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines.

It seems turf wars are fought everywhere, not just on lawns but in any arena where funding and profit are to be gained (see ****ITN
). But guess what? It’s not going to cost you to set up your own support group. The ITN Men’s Caregiver Support Group Program is offered as a template, intended to help you get started. In return all we ask is that you report what you’ve learned so we can spread the wealth. "We" is the non-disease-specific online resource MLBerg’s Caregiver blog.

How’s that for a different spin?

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