Your take

not asking you to agree the format of CMfM would enable you in the caregiving role. I’m not asking you to abandon your issue-specific “comfort zone” to help people with diverse concerns. I’m not even asking “Do you understand how caregivers
are constantly faced with making ‘just one more’ decision and struggle to provide a
loving response after encountering each new stressor?”

you’re not afraid of breaking the widow most likely you’ve learned to hold back
and move away from the glass.” Does this sentence make sense to you? My
translation: A desperate caregiver needs to develop more and better coping
skills. The fruit of leadership might be just one more tool to use in a survival skill
set that achieves success. I am asking for collaboration with other agencies, organizations,
and genders in offering alternate translations of ways to get things done.

the past I requested sharing of umbrellas for support. Bad choice of words. You’re
the experts. Please refrain from offering false hope. We can’t stop
the rain. Obviously we can’t all fit beneath one umbrella. Sometimes we get wet. We need to do more to address the cause of wetness because
dealing with the result of wetness is a moot point.



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