Transferable skills

Who should you emulate? Smokey Bear or the Firefighter?

Everybody knows the value of a Firefighter. Appeasement may come from knowing someone else takes a bullet for you, fighting in the trenches and experiencing devastation. Caregivers battle fires of of inadequacy.

Who hires anyone to advocate that men should become better caregivers…Smokey Bear? We must take it on ourselves.

What a paradigm shift! Reorder the priorities. What is important to you? Accept sacrifice and acknowledge helping others might avoid pitfalls en route to their successes.

Loss prevention is the intangible good. A coworker once confided to me "the company ought to give early retirement and pay me to leave now because in the long run it will save them the expense of fixing all the screw-ups I’m going to make."

Nobody knows exactly when the future will arrive but rest assured, it is coming.

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