Caregivers, you’ve got to care for yourselves too. There are limits to what we can do. We don’t help anyone if we’re not alert.

I remember being so tired I fell asleep waiting for the green traffic light in the left turn lane. I was the driver and after two changes Linda realized what happened to me. Soon we began letting things on the schedule slide.

There was a time I got confused and disassembled the clothes washer. Stuff was falling apart but I thought I could fix it. I smashed my fingers. The old machine never ran right and we got rid of it–after I sunk a bunch of money into it for replacement parts.

We’ve got to become better listeners. Pay attention to present needs. Future demands can be met and won’t be as stressful when you’re rested. Sure it would be a miracle to undo screw-ups of the past but forget about them and take notice of ways to make a difference now.

This time is important.

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