For he’s a jolly good fellow
For she’s a jolly good fellow
For they are jolly good fellows
When nobody’s in denial

Denial is a sickness. When left untreated denial can lead to fear and regret. Truth and acceptance are tools which combat denial. "X" happens. Be "Y’s" and do something about it.

What causes denial? Make a mistake and distance yourself from the consequences. Try to live in an "I told you so" environment. Denial hurts. We all suffer. We all hope for recovery. Where is the turning point? Is it a hard fact we are unwilling to bear? Do we hear voices proclaim "you are about to choose a hard life" when entering the realm of denial?

There is no denying some people are in denial. Admit we are all less than perfect beings. Recognize everyone shares a stake in the salvation of our fellow human beings. Believe we can make a difference. Agree to help things get better. Acknowledge your role in being part of the solution. Understand feelings of inadequacy are natural. Allow healing to take place.

Don’t worry. Be happy. It is next to impossible for denial to coexist with a cheerful disposition.

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