CMfM Volume 2

The "Caregiver’s Manual for Men (CMfM) Volume 1: How To Love a Cancer" should soon become available online.
A preliminary version of "CMfM Volume 2: How To Cherish a Loved One" has been started.
The CMfM is a caregiver’s resource. Volume 1 approaches caregiving with appreciation for a spiritual bent. Volume 2 assists in revelation of caregiver sensitivities and aids with navigation of awarenesses.
Both texts can be valuable tools for advocates of the "In Their Names (ITN) Men’s Caregiver Support Group" Program.
Please contact us if you wish to provide review and feedback.


2/6/2010 ADDENDUM

I tried. Apparently my definition of "soon" is closer to "high needs person" for others.

At this point I can’t make any promises.

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