Caregiving Men

What’s it going to take?

What’s the hold up? Generally speaking, caregiving is a language foreign to men. (See Women and Men in Conversation.) It only appears to be intelligible to an anxious commoner.

The timbre of  desperate moments is preserved by journal entries. Insight into the cancer experience
is presented from the caregivers perspective. Yours can be different. A spiritual awakening from a journey needn’t be made alone. We have allies.

The CMfM was not intended to exclude a specific audience, i.e. this is a communication tool, not a bone thrown over a fence. It was created for a more effective display of commitment. Personal sacrifice can be made at the most critical times: early,
unplanned, unprepared, now.

Women newly
diagnosed with serious illnesses can find a voice in the
manual and may (as simply as) point to examples with suggestions "Honey, can you please just try to do something like (this)?" This site actively solicits more examples for becoming better caregivers.

Do we find value in everything? Obviously not all visions mesh. Share support of men trying to be
companions for patients. This will help both caregivers and care receivers. If believing "we must collaborate" puts you in la-la-land,
so be it. Communication improvements are not literature nor are they techno-babble. There is no pie-in-the-sky magic cure all. Anyone only willing to follow
guidelines to the "T" is missing the point.

If you wait until you’re desperate, the odds of success go down. Essentially your mission is to exhibit care. We will provide encouragement. Give care whenever and wherever you can. ****Career advice*****

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