The Soothing Symphony of Acceptance

It is not always our choice for situations to turn sour; sometimes the direction we are headed chooses us.

We do not have much time. Things are (expletive deleted) and life as we knew it could be over in a heartbeat. That is to say the next new normal–better or worse than status quo–can begin at any instant. It may also end just as quickly. So the key element here is control (or lack thereof).

Life is short, hard, and fleeting. With so few absolutes must it be unrewarding too? We can be certain that quitting, giving up, or guarantees of loss may become opportunities to change. Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes we just don’t get it. Learn humility. Acknowledge past failures as an impetus to grow and improve.

When all else fails to make sense and you are left wondering "why did this happen" perhaps you can admit there was a better time when your care for others was real and strong. We can not undo the past. We can remember how good life was. We can not always be in command of the present. We can believe things should be better. We can not know what the future holds for the ones we love. We can act now in their names to ensure things will get better for others.

The world is full of heartache and sorrow. We find fulfillment through people–not by adding to the grief but by comforting those less fortunate than ourselves.

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