There is no halfway to caregiving. Either you get it or you don’t.

This blog attempts to communicate one person’s experience as a caregiver. There are language barriers. This hurdle is jumped by making feedback and changes. There are energy limits. This obstacle is thwarted by establishing a support venue. There are issues of trust, competency, and intention. A caregiver’s perspective gets so focused on their loved ones that often they can’t concentrate on other matters. Hence you surmise an enticement for running away from caregiving. We divide life’s tasks into categories: nurturing, hunting, gathering, and others. Sometimes we move on before tackling the job at hand.

There is an inherent risk to caregiving. You could become so absorbed by your caregiving duties that you neglect everyone and everything else. Advice for this qualm is to remain active, stay plugged in, keep developing interests and make new contacts.

Don’t think you’re alone. Don’t look to your support system as a panacea for doing the right thing. Don’t be afraid of laboring as a caregiver. You may wonder, "Why work so hard? Is the reward worth it?" Yes. Caregiving is addictive.

Reading this blog won’t make you a caregiver. This blog doesn’t help you become a better caregiver. Only the person receiving your care can do that.

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