I trust everyone celebrated a
relaxing Halloween evening and then slept a peaceful night, with a full moon and an enchanted reality.

I trust people who believe that caregiving with all its difficulties— it will
never happen to them (immune, as they might be)—were content to imagine ghouls,
ghosts, and goblins to visit them from a fairy tale land, ring their doorbells,
collect fares for passage, and then slip away mysteriously into the night.

I trust people, with hearts set on giving care to care receivers and with heads
firmly rooted in the present, kept vigilant eyes and watched for other signs,
waiting on more demands while wondering how to meet needs without support.

I trust people in leadership
roles gave their all to create caregiver support for men and women but were
unable to generate interest for men because one size of caregiver costume does
not fit all.

I trust we will not need a
better system next Halloween too. I hope the leaders will adopt the ITN concept
(collaboration) and share their successes. I pray the men and women will
finally wake up and realize we’ve got to help each other.


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