ITN update

We continue to make good progress and build hope. Here is the body of an email message sent today:

Thank you very much for
allowing me to share my story. I am trying to create a system now
whereby men will feel support for becoming better caregivers. It may
take years but we’ll get there quicker if we start now.

If you
can please look at you will see a collection
of "caregiver resources." In reality these are just tools to help with
interpretation of feelings.

It may not be next year but the time
is coming when society is overwhelmed with the need for better delivery
of care. The answer won’t be "get more nurses" because there just
aren’t enough people out there to fill the shortage. Your own in-home
services would be jeopardized without adequate paid caregiver staff.

I want is to have you ask the question WHAT CAN DAN DO TO HELP and then
let me be part of finding the answer. Collaboration is not specifically
partnering but that is what I’m trying to do. I believe that men want
to become better caregivers but they don’t feel supported in these

I put together a program model, the ITN (In Their Names)
Men’s Caregiver Support Group, and posted it online. The ITN concept
has received endorsements from a variety of entities. The process it
proposes is iterative in nature and open to refinement. Theoretically
if your clients came to you and asked for tools to support their
caregiving men, what could you offer?

Thank you both for your time.


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