Role reversals

What am I doing here? My job is to “have a job.” How can I
possibly be a caregiver? This is women’s work.

Men have traditionally taken on responsibilities which do
not involve significant amounts of “softness”—nurturing, yet times are changed.
It may be harder for a guy to cope with feelings of loss, dependency, and
mortality than it is for him to move mountains.

We must realize men and women are wired differently. Like
left-brained and right-brained command centers displaying control for various functions,
men and women have predominant characteristics which society reinforces from
early childhood. Who wears dancing shoes and who wears cleats?

There are exceptions. Unfortunately anyone who does not “toe
the line” tends to receive harsh treatment from the rest of us.

But why take a stand now? Why enlist support for men as

Civilization is threatened with extinction from a malady
more complete than global warming, more pervasive than nuclear holocaust, and
more permanent than the Ice Age. We run the risk of losing the ability to
deliver care.

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