Consent and Liability

How much is at stake for caregivers?

A professional engineer studies and works hard to ensure no mistakes, errors, or omissions exist on a sealed drawing set. A licensed electrician certifies the quality and workmanship of the job meet applicable codes and requirements. We would be out of our minds to knowingly approve projects containing oversights.

What happens when an amateur attempts performance of a regulated endeavor? If everything turns out okay (i.e. nobody finds out) then nothing happens. This is to say no buildings collapse or burn down, no lives are lost, no financial pictures are ruined, etc. In essence the caveat of "anonymity" masks all blunders performed by amateur and professional alike.

Who is qualified to perform risk assessment? Only knowledgeable persons can set forth meaningful opinions. If the views and judgments of other persons are found deficient, is their responsibility greater than the motive for their action? In other words, did they consent to make unlawful gain in exchange for liability? We would be out of our minds to portray oversight as acceptable loss. Furthermore we would be out of our minds to prosecute persons out of their minds for failing to be in their minds because this insanity is self-serving.

It is stupid to punish someone for being stupid.

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