We develop lifelong patterns of
accountability and reinforce insights through action.


Joyful responses to life are gained
from not complaining about it. Better caregivers learn to
express feelings differently. Otherwise encouragements often manifest themselves as
expectations. For example, if someone were to ask whether or not we believed
children should always go to school we could respond "Absolutely." Extenuating circumstances (e.g. sickbed) will occur yet the
desires of our original premise can prevail.


It is easy to feel slighted by
hardships, distasteful events, and drawbacks. It is hard to be a good companion.
How much openness do we push for? We want our acquaintances to be independent
yet we also want them to favor us. We hope they become successful on their own
but we endeavor to give them all the love, support, and forgiveness possible. Everyone
makes mistakes. This is simply one way to learn. What is important is that we get
back up to try again. The road to maturity can be rough.

Lent begins tomorrow. Time for reflection is like planned maintenance. Cancer is tough. Incarceration is tough. Aging is tough. Death is tough. Yes, some events are tough. To not become more life-giving won’t change the reality that life is complex. Care-receivers depend on us.

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